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  Having spent many years managing custom fabrication projects we can advise on best practices and technical execution at any stage of your project. Working on both live events and permanent installations we have developed a broad knowledge base and professional network. In short we are building a national fabricators alliance to assist our customers.

  It is about efficiency, putting you at the right place in the shortest amount of time. We can analyze your project and cut the pool of people hoping for your work down to those that are appropriate for it. How we can help you:

• Optimization of the design to fabrication work flow.

• Project placement in Portland, Oregon and across America.

• Creation of interactive digital environments.

• Concept realization

• Fabrication analysis

• Financial assessment and value engineering


  With an advanced understanding of computer aided manufacturing and cutting edge digital technology we can layout the process to materialize your most demanding project.

  We offer freelance project management services on projects of an artistic and technical quality. We work hourly, on contract or by retainer depending on the needs of the job at hand.

  Whether you need a video mapped sculpture for an activation or a 3d printed metal cork screw framed and commemorated as a present to your favorite vineyard owner, we have you covered.

  Check out past projects HERE. We look forward to hearing from you about your project


  We are not a production house but a network of Artisan Architects, Designers, Video Specialists, Programmers, Draftsman, Muralists, Fabricators and Installation Artists. Being a decentralized collaborative group we are able place your project in the right hands at every step. With collaborators around the country from many disciplines we curate custom tailored production.

  While we are ready and able to produce projects for our clients in Portland, Oregon & across America. We are of the highest utility when planning projects from conception through installation, implementing a custom assemblage of artisans to tell your story.